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"Not only did I get a lot of traction with my rental unit with Cleveland Apartment Finders (CAF), but the quality of service I received was unexpected. For a free service, I was shocked with how hard CAF worked to show my unit. All e-mails were returned same day and all phone calls were answered by nice and informed people. Additionally, CAF puts your add on other sites too, giving you more exposure to potential renters.

I had several conversations with Matt, one of their co-founders, and he gave me much advice and help with doing what I needed to do to get my unit rented. If you have a place in Cleveland that you needed rented out, CAF should not be overlooked. They're really a solid, professional organization."

-David F. in Cleveland, Ohio


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New Columbus Apartments for rent
Chateau Deville in Columbus 602 East Town Street
Columbus , Ohio 43215
$995 per month

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